“Marketing is a one-off event. Just continue doing the same things and eventually prospects will buy from you.”

This is a myth!

Marketing is not a one-off event but a series of staged events, designed and targeted towards those most likely to buy. A “one hit wonder” in the form of an advert, no matter how many times it is repeated will not generate sufficient leads or sales unless it has been through a process of testing (more about that later) to optimise response.

I’m constantly staggered by the number of businesses I visit that have sent one letter as a campaign with no follow up whatsoever. They believe that if the prospect does not respond by either contacting them or making a purchase that they are not interested.

Without any form of follow up, they have no real way of knowing what is going on in their prospect’s head. Has the marketing piece really covered all the benefits of their product and service? What about diminishing or completely removing key objections?

If you read these one-off marketing pieces you’ll find that none of the above has been covered in a meaningful way to move a prospect into a buying decision.

So what happens? Nil or very little response in the form of sales. What next? The business owner waits a while and then sends a completely different mailing either to the same people or a new list, being of the opinion the previous names were not interested.

Imagine the marketing is replaced with you as the salesperson. Would you call on someone only once and then forget about them? It’s unlikely. You would contact them, make an appointment, ask questions, and present a possible solution.

The prospect may have objections which would lead you to explain more about your product or service. You’d clarify that this objection had been removed before you asked for the order. You may even arrange a further meeting to demonstrate additional benefits or uses for your product or service.

As you can see, the sales process has a number of steps and you the salesperson would ensure they are all undertaken in order to maximise your chances of a sale.

The marketing process is similar. So expecting to obtain a sale from one letter, flyer or advert is ludicrous. And, continuing to send the same information to a prospect is not going to convince anyone to buy from you either.

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