If your current marketing efforts are missing the mark and failing to attract customers or clients to your business, then it’s time to engage a professional direct response copywriter.

Astute business owners recognise the importance of hiring seasoned professionals who provide the expertise and skills rarely found within their organisations. It’s appreciated that expertise is created over time, learned from countless campaigns, using a variety of media across a multitude of industries. It’s this expertise that adds an incredible dynamic to the team using an objective and analytical approach that only an “outsider” can.

Which of these, or possibly other copywriting services do you need today?

  • Sales letters aren’t working – statistics are worryingly low. You’re frustrated that competitor’s results are better, you’re losing too many opportunities and market share is dropping like a stone.
  • Email marketing – open rates are terribly low and conversion is negligible. Perhaps you’re wondering what it takes to persuade the recipient to open your email and read your sales message?
  • Your website ranking is too low – you’re barely being found through search engines and therefore not attracting enough traffic to drive your sales.

I could go on, but let’s sum up the situation…your marketing isn’t generating the leads or sales you desire or forecast. You need to do something about it… QUICKLY rather than continue to lose money whilst also feeling like you’ve just been though the mill again for the umpteenth time. Perhaps you are scratching your head, disillusioned by your marketing efforts to date and haven’t a clue what’s working, needs repairing or canceling.

Whilst we’re both being direct, let’s talk money for a moment. A good direct response copywriter is both expensive and in demand. In short…we’re worth every penny! It’s important that you do not confuse willingness to meet, even at short notice as a sign of capability and availability. Any good marketer opens the door to potential opportunity.

Crafting sales messages, possibly across multiple media takes time. After all, there’s a huge amount of research required, ideas and/or assumptions to be tested, people to interview including staff, customers, prospects, suppliers. Gathering data is critical to a good marketing campaign, helping us define the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and positioning of your company’s products and/or services in the eyes of your market.

Of course, some elements of your marketing can be re-written and tested whilst we undertake this research. It’s possible to improve results quickly by adapting previous ideas that have historically worked well, or by simply testing a different approach. Occasionally, tests of this nature produce startling results resulting in a celebration worthy of scoring the winning goal at a cup final. The key word here is testing, as there isn’t a direct response copywriter in the world that will predict results. Copywriting is a science, not art. Customers or prospects are the judges and they vote with their actions or money.

What should you expect when we work together?

  • A lot of questions, conversations and thought-provoking comments to challenge your thinking and current marketing practices
  • Independent research carried out to support key findings
  • Multiple drafts, depending on the media, to gauge initial reaction from the team, which then undertakes a further fine-tuning process.
  • Testing to beat current marketing analytics in addition to ongoing testing to continually outperform the latest live update.
  • Excitement through ideas, paradigm shifting challenges although this could be a result of business coaching services rather than copywriting services, a slap to the head “why didn’t I think of that” moment and much much more…

At all times we work as a team to generate successful, profitable results for you.

So what are you waiting for? The next step is up to you. Click on the button below to request a call back for an initial discussion and let’s arrange a meeting within the next seven days.

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