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The constant change in the business landscape and consumer buying patterns means you, as a business owner need to test and re-test different sales and marketing strategies and tactics to capture a customer and retain them. In today’s world you cannot apply a one size fits all approach to your marketing. You need to utilise multiple methods, with varying media to optimise this process.

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B2B Marketing Strategies And Tactics

B2B Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Identify the key blocks to your business growth success and design ways to overcome them.

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Keyword Research And SEO Strategy Coaching

Keyword Research And SEO Strategies

Search engine optimisation (abbreviated to SEO) doesn’t have to complicated, we’ll show you where to start.

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Direct Response Copywriting

Manchester Copywriter

A Manchester copywriter who rejuvenates your marketing messages, so that emails are opened, sales letters are actioned and your prospects become customers.

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Rapid Profit Growth Secrets Revealed - Ebook

Rapid Profit Growth Secrets Revealed

27 Powerful Marketing Strategies and Tactics

  • Guaranteed to help you out think, out sell and out manouvre your competition!
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Client Testimonials

Thank you Angie for a very insightful Keyword Research & SEO workshop. Really enjoyed a practical session with very useful tips and advice on ranking a business on Google & attracting traffic to a website.

Svitlana, Green Pages

Angie has created a stunning website for me of which it has already brought business in. I can’t praise this company enough. I’m a small business and they just knew exactly what I needed to update my business.

Paul, You were outstanding and I am delighted at the results achieved since our last meeting. Working with you gave us the focus and inspiration required to build our business.
Stephen, Ashton Under Lyne