You’ve heard you should do keyword research, but you’re not sure what it is and why it’s important…

When you first decide to set your business up online, there are a whole host of things you need to consider:

  • You need to purchase your domain name
  • Decide on a hosting company for your website
  • Choose a Content Management System (the type of platform your website will run on e.g. wordpress, dreamweaver, joomla) etc.

All of these things are important building blocks, without them, your website cannot physically be established.

Sadly however, one of the most important steps is regularly missed out – if you fail to carry out Keyword Research, you haven’t laid one of the foundations for your website.

So what is Keyword Research?

Let’s start with a basic definition of a ‘keyword’ in respect of online marketing.

‘A keyword is one, two or a series of words (also known as a keyword phrase) which, when typed into an internet search engine, should deliver a list of links to relevant web pages’

With this definition in mind, it makes sense to design your website around the keywords your potential customers are likely to type into their chosen search engine to help them find your product or service.

Here is an all too common scenario we come across:

A business sets up their website.

If they have conducted any ‘keyword research’ it typically consists of one or both of the following:

  • My product/service is ‘x’ so I will put this in the title of my page / post / product details
  • I would type ‘x’ into a search engine if I was looking for my product/service, so they put that in their page / post / product details

They are delighted when they type their business brand name, or ‘their keyword’ into a search engine and their website shows up in the results, but cannot understand why therefore, their website is not getting any traffic, and more importantly they are not getting any new business.

We sit down with the business owner, review ‘their keywords’ and explain that the reason they are not seeing good levels of traffic to their website is because typically less than 10 people a month, across the UK, are actually typing ‘their keyword’ into the major search engine. Basically, they are not being found…

So how can Profit Masters help you with your Keyword Research?

Following a telephone or face to face consultation, Profit Masters will:

  • Analyse your website to gain an understanding of its current position in relation to keywords
  • Research your business niche to identify keyword recommendations
  • Report our findings with suggested actions that can be taken to improve your business search engine rankings

Contact Profit Masters now to order your Keyword Research Report. Simply click the button below to send over your contact details:

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