How Some Of The Major Google Algorithm Updates Have Affected SEO

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From the beginning (1997), Google's primary goal has been to provide the best user experience possible by organizing the world's [...]

What Is An XML Sitemap And Why Do You Need One For Your Website?

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A Sitemap is simply a list of pages / URLs contained within your site.  Traditionally you may have seen links [...]

How Google Fight And Remove Spam To Keep Your Search Results Relevant

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Google fights against spam content on websites 24/7 handling most spam removal from its index automatically using algorithms, although they [...]

How you can significantly boost your local business’s chance of appearing on the 1st page of google, for FREE (even if you don’t have a website!)

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If you run a local business, with a local phone number and trading address then its time to boost [...]

Choosing The Right Domain Name Could Instantly Double Or Even Triple Your Traffic

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At one time, it was standard practice to choose a domain name that matched your brand or your business name. [...]