So what are twitter networking hours and how do they work?

They are a great way to get connect with individuals and businesses, grow your follower base and increase your overall business exposure.

By using the # (hashtag symbol) infront of a word or phrase without spaces within twitter (it also works on facebook too) you make that word or phrase searchable. You can either click on it or enter it into the search box and it will bring up all the tweets recently done by people who have also used that specific #.

Networking hours have made use of this feature to enable people to connect with each other during certains times of an agreed day on a regular basis.

At the allocated time (see the list further down in this post), you perform a search for the appropriate #hashtag.  You are then able to interact with the other people taking part by tweeting, retweeting replying etc – just make sure you always include the hashtag word /phrase in your tweet.

For example, this is a screen shot of tweets using the hashtag #networking:

Twitter Networking Hashtag Screenshot

You can refine the results to suit your own needs – e.g if you wanted to find networking results local to your area, just click to the left of ‘Near You’ and twitter will scale down the result according.

Here is a list of few networking hours to get you started.  As we are based in Cheshire, a number (but not all!) of these relate to networking hours particularly relevant for people based in the North West of England.

You can click on any of the # links below to open up the search results for that networking hour phrase.

Daily (Mon-Fri)

  • 2-3.00pm: Follow @BizHour and use #BizHour
  • 3-4.00pm: Follow @B2BHour and use #B2BHour



For blogging help & advice

  • 9-10.00pm: Follow @UKBlogAwards and use #bloghour


For UK Business Networking

For Crafts / Handmade Goods

For the Wedding Industry

For Running Enthusiasts


For Techie related help & advice




  • 7-8.00pm: Follow @awardingwomen and use #WomanInBiz or #WomenInBiz
  • 9-10.00pm: Follow @englandhour and use #EnglandHour

Happy networking!